Consultancy on Physiological Birth and Risk

A Social enterprise to research/consult/provide training on physiological birth (encompassing a holistic approach including mental wellbeing, psychology, creativity) and ways to improve outcomes and reduce intervention in birth by empowering health professionals to understand and incorporate new research into the physiology of the birth process and the healthy creation of new family units. Combating fear by investigating personal risk assessment and the philosophy of choice and safety in childbirth.

Leading to:
-overall improvement in wellbeing of the “family unit” through increased involvement of parents etc
-tend to physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of all members of the family unit
-general education and awareness raising about basic safety, risk and physiological birth outcomes to improve awareness of choices around birth and their implications for the future.

Deverra was a  Roman Goddess who protected a new mother and child by driving evil spirits from the house in which the child was born.