Selina Nylander


Born in Bath, UK in 1976, I have been involved with birth in one way or another throughout my life.

I am a qualified secondary school science teacher and taught for five years.

I was chair of the Liverpool NCT for two years and have run a homebirth support group for four years. I am a user represetnative on our local Maternity Services Liaison Committee.
I retrained in Public Health analysis in 2006 and now work for Liverpool University in health research. I compiled evidence for a health equity audit for a change in Community Midwifery services in Liverpool and have just written my dissertation on physiological birth “The incidence of women resident in Liverpool wards in 2005-07 having a physiological birth as compared to normal birth and cephalic vertex births- Are there differences in health outcomes for mothers and babies by type of birth?”
I am a lay supervisory area reviewer for the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

I am passionate about improving the birth experience and early motherhood for other women. My main focus is to combine the best scientific evidence with alternative techniques to enable a woman and couple to birth intact physically, emotionally and spiritually and to start parenthood with a loving bond with their child.

I am a registered doula with Doula UK. I have been present at Homebirths, Vaginal Births After Caesarean section's and posterior labours.

Christine Shea

Born in Toronto, Canada I finished my first degree many moons ago at McGill University, Montreal, Quebec in Anthropology - social and medical anthropology. I wanted to travel so moved on to the UK where I went back to university and completed a Master's in Educational Psychology and then a cross disciplinary Doctorate looking at human error and organisational psychology in relation to accidents and incidents in healthcare i.e. why do we make mistakes?! During this research I developed a critical incident confidential reporting system that we trialled in A&E departments in the North West of England. I then moved to the Netherlands for a couple of years to do a fellowship/post-doc at the Technical University of Eindhoven. My research there included using the reporting system in a neo natal intensive care. Finally from Eindhoven I landed back in the UK and focussed on risk and safety management professionally.

And then I had children! Well at last all the strands of my life came together as I planned a homebirth for my second baby following an emergency cesarean for my first baby who arrived 5 weeks premature. All that training and professional experience in safety and risk came to the fore as I reviewed any research I could get my hands on to prepare for the second birth.

Following a beautiful home water birth for my second baby I became involved in the local homebirth group. I then became involved in the local Maternity Services Liaison Committee and the Risk Management Committee at the Liverpool Women's Hospital. I quickly realised that very few people were as well informed as they could be and I belived should be, in terms of the risks and safety of pregnancy, labour and birth. My background and experience could make a difference.

My aim is to support a woman and her partner and family during their journey through pregnancy, labour and birth. I believe this should include providing them with the most up-to-date scientific evidence and appropriate alternative techniques available to enable them to have the birth they desire physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I am about to qualify as a doula. I also work as a coach supporting women and their partners with pre and post natal issues including returning to work and career changes.