In collaboration with Deverra, LJMU, National Childbirth Trust, Liverpool PCT and FACT, we are running a cross disciplinary design group to research and present proposals for the re-design of spaces for hospital birth. Our aim is to understand, discuss and present ways through which the experience and practice of giving birth in hospital can be supported through spatial and systems design which supports the action and related processes.

The group will be established as a forum for exchange and debate, study and practical experiment. This will result in a design proposal and records of activity for presentation at the Climate of Change forum at FACT on the 18th of  May 2009.

We will be starting with recommendations from the NCT study Creating a Better Birth Environment and be supported by health and design professionals and local contextual site visits. The study will focus on the physiological, cultural, and spiritual aspects of birthing within current material, technical, social and professional contexts.

Through group work and individual / team specialisation we will produce a set of proposals (physical elements / action studies and digital documents) for presentation within a public context. The study has the specific aim of influencing the design of birthing rooms within hospital design and will form the basis of a submission to a competition run by the National Childbirth Trust.